Build an invincible company by reading these four books

Osterwalder et al (and Papadakos, White in other volumes) are all involved in writing books that can help you in business and as an entrepreneur. They wrote four volumes that address all the issues that a business needs to know to include: having the right business model, creating a value proposition design, testing the business model, and building ‘The Invincible Company.’

The first of these books is Business Model Generation. In short, this book addresses the practical to understanding your business model or renovating a new business model. It is meant for not only business owners, but entrepreneurs, managers, designers, executives, consultants and anyone else in between.

The next book in the series is Value Proposition Design. In short, helps you create value for your customer, and helps you create compelling products and services that customers want to buy.

The third book in this series is Testing Business Ideas. In short, this book explains how to increase success of any venture by testing through rapid experimentation, and finding a path to scale using bulletproof, evidence-backed cases.

The fourth book is The Invincible Company. In short, this book shows how any organization can become invincible by managing their current portfolio and exploring a pipeline of potential new growth engines. The author’s explore death and disruption (business failures), how to improve, invent, and manage current business by following top companies models, and becoming an invincible company (constant reinvention, superior business models, & transcend industry boundaries).

This book is for any small business or medium to large organizations that wants to create an Invincible Company. Not only should you add this to your library, but you can use it as a reference on what to do. Having a innovative company requires to think outside the box, and these books provide that for you. Enjoy!