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What books should entrepreneurs read?

Ferris interviews the 200 “Titan’s” of health, wealth, and wisdom. Good info and you can learn the tactics, techniques, and procedures of the best.
Hill highlights the 13 habits of successful people after he studied 500 people in his lifetime.
Young writes about ordinary people doing difficult things quickly and achieving advantages in their field of study or interests – thus calling them ultralearners.
Rohn’s book is an excellent read that involves goals, knowledge, how to change, money management, time management, hanging with the right people (winners), and learning how to live well.
Clear’s book is a great guide on how to improve 1% a day by breaking bad habits and adopting new ones – taking small steps to do it incrementally.
Grover’s book talks about the three types of people – the cooler, the closer, and the Cleaner. The last being self-motivated and not caring about nothing but winning.
Rohn’s has many good quotes and this book is full of them – 365 quotes on 60 topics. His lifetime experience is in this book (37 years of business, ideas, and lives).
Tracy breaks down the excuse factory. He shows you how you can achieve success by being disciplined in business, life, and happiness.

What Instagram pages should Entrepreneurs view?

There are many out there, but some of these are pretty outstanding.

Business Ideas 365 provide great graphics that give you business ideas to start.
This is the magazine that encouraged me to go the entrepreneurship route and to take it online.
This page is good for entrepreneurship facts.
This page is full of great quotes by many different entrepreneurs.
Young hustlers page provides the who, what, why, when, and how of entrepreneurship.
This is my personal page, but I provide a lot of good motivational quotes. Please follow us!

One of the best books on Entrepreneurship

Brian Tracy has put 30 years of his experience in this book and it’s worth its weight in gold. Believe me. I read a lot and there are so many quotable items in this book.

Brian Tracy describes what people are looking for in this book. They are looking for the ER Factor, which is to be “faster, better, cheaper, easier and more convenient” producer of a product or service (in essence an entrepreneur – pg. 4).

Read it and buy it here!

Every entrepreneur should listen to Jim Rohn

I should have read Jim Rohn’s books years ago, but I didn’t. Rohn provides the right information at the right time and his books are fabulous. Every entrepreneur should not only read his books, but listen to his audio (via YouTube or Audible.

This video is probably one of his better ones, but I just bought the Audible series and it rocks!

Jim Rohn’s book of quotes is especially good…

The key factor that will determine your financial future is not the economy; the key factor is your philosophy. – Jim Rohn